Top 15 Most Defensive Mogas

Moga Name   Sign   Rarity
Gravedigger -- Virgo -- Galactic
Valgore -- Sagittarius -- Galactic
Zerk -- Sagittarius -- Galactic
Azurel -- Cancer -- Legendary
Burger -- Taurus -- Legendary
Crystagon -- Leo -- Legendary
Deelish -- Virgo -- Legendary
Leon -- Leo -- Legendary
Plasmians -- Capricorn -- Legendary
Basont -- Virgo -- Epic
Cactoo -- Virgo -- Epic
Juggernaut -- Taurus -- Epic
Kurogane -- Virgo -- Epic
Lumo -- Aries -- Epic
Pluksop -- Taurus -- Epic


Anonymous said...

what about war lepus??

Ertas10 said...

yeah, war lepus is my favourite moga because it has a lot of hp and has vampire embrace, so it can last a lot in all battles

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