Best Starter Moga

When you first start Monster Galaxy, you will be given the option to choose one Moga to start the game with. Your starting Moga choice is not extremely important, as it will not affect your future success in Monster Galaxy. Also, every person will have a different Moga preference and for this reason it is important for you to compare all 36 starting Mogas before you pick which Moga is right for you.

Also another thing to keep in mind is that some starter Mogas cannot currently be captured in the wild. These Mogas will have a * symbol next to their name. 

Here is a list of all the Mogas you get to choose from at the start of the game:

Aquarius: Ikki, Starpops, Yugure
Pisces: Cathulu, Jag, Leviathan
Aries: Mimple, Ibex*, Chiberus*
Taurus: Booly, Peafyx, Tauron
Gemini: Gogh*, Blix, Tigon*
Cancer: Skuzy, Pwee*, Crabone
Leo: Titus, Radiojack, Umbranine
Virgo: Turtlenie, Faust, Meka*
Libra: Smok, Tutu*, Lira
Scorpio: Sno*, Pigloo, Nebugon*
Sagittarius: Chuuchilla, Knightaur, Nightmare
Capricorn: Meh, Eefree, Yoake*

Click On The Names Above To View Each Moga's Picture and Profile.

Other Information:
1. Every Starter Moga is Uncommon.
2. Every Starter Moga Has A Combined Attack & Defense Of 4.
3. Zodiac Signs Are Strong Against Some Zodiac Signs And Weak Against Others. The Zodiac (Strength & Weaknesses Chart Can Be Found Here)

Once You Finally Choose Your Moga You Can Name It And Start Your Monster Galaxy Adventure!

Good Luck!


Anonymous said...

Now we can capture Tutu.

Anonymous said...

peafyx is rare

Anonymous said...

where can i capture TUTU????
pls tell me

Anonymous said...

Now we can capture golerph nebugon and chiberus for evolution 555

Marceline said...

now we can capture Nebugon,Pwee,Chiberus,Gogh and Tutu,Gogh can be found at Lapi forest,Tutu can be found at cerergh Pond
(Sorry if I have some errors on some words.......)

Alyssa said...

This really needs to be updated. So far, only 4 starter mogas cannot be found in the wild; Sno, Tigon, Yoake, and Meka (aside from the mogapocalypse event).

Ibex: Old Dusty Trail
Chiberus: Daydusk and Lightless Bend in Spiral Cave
Gogh: Lapis Forest
Pwee: Mega Hole, Lightsfall and Blackglow (last two in Spiral Cave)
Tutu: Cerulean Pond
Nebugon: Ahab's Abyss, Mussel Shoals, and Mushroom Alley (last one in Spiral Cave)

Anonymous said...

Sno is found in the wild. Now this list is even further out of date.

Sno: Madbeetch River

Jiji said...

And apparently Yoake can now be found in Heavenly Green Cemetery, The Rue Morgue and Cydonia Castle, according to this website...
So only Meka and Tigon remain, unless they can now be found in the wild too? That wouldn't be surprising...

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