1. Beat Those Meddlesome Mogas
2. Bog Cleanup
3. Brain Candy
4. Bruno's Beast
5. Capture Beefee
6. Capture Bladewing
7. Capture Chamepo
8. Capture Chuuchilla
9. Capture Dinho
10. Capture Faust
11. Capture Hammerdog
12. Capture Lambo
13. Capture Scud
14. Capture Wasabee
15. Care Package
16. Catch a Clovey
17. Catch a Rainburn
18. Crab Dinner
19. Defeat Leonard
20. Defeat Owlreed
21. Defeat Sheepguy
22. Defeat the Sultan
23. Defeat Valgore
24. Find Bruno
25. Find CORTEX
26. Find the Shady Tamer
27. Find the Soldier
28. Find the Thief
29. Get Flowers From Victoria
30. Get Gertrude's Chocolates
31. Help Out
32. Impress the Tough Guys
33. Incriminating Photos
34. Investigate the Rainbow
35. Kill 5 Trolos
36. Light Shellstone Lighthouse
37. Lost Treasure
38. Mother's Day Event Questline
39. New Evolutions!
40. Poetry in Motion
41. Purple Pincers
42. Save Bruno
43. Save the Kitty
44. Talk To Poe
45. The First Guard
46. The Meaning of Friendship
47. The Princess and the Purse
48. The Second Guard
49. This Weeks Evolutions
50. Windhym Welcome
51. Defeat The Wild Blades
52. Pierces Precious
53. Turn Back Now
54. Tame Hanzo
55. Dark Scrolls
56. Pumpkin Hunt Week 1
57. Grimm Trio
58. Kysebok's Evolution Team
59. Escaped Mogas Round 1
60. Bunglon's Team
61. Archaeon's Team
62. Scenewolf's Team


Mikas60 said...

You are missing a quest, where you need to find and defeat Sandman:

Find Sandman

Do your buddy Otto a favor and give the Sandman a stern talking-to.

Reward! 1 Blue Coffee

Mike said...

Okay thanks

Espers said...

There is 2 more quest missing from this list both from sandman.

Souper Saver

Look between Sitnalta Plaza and the Biting Coast for Sandmans's giant soup pot.

Who knows what's lurking in those ruins? Better get some free whistles from friends.

The reward is 1 blue coffee

There is one before you get this one but I forgot to write down the name and quest info but it involves finding his 3 missing family jewels by fighting mogas at Sitnalta Plaza I think.

Anonymous said...

I wanna ask u guys about how can I capture shen and azurel.. those monsters always have higher level than mine... how could I catch them if I have a lower level than the monsters...
hope for your reply and answer...

xhilaration said...

gotta keep training. there is no way to catch em because your a lower level.

Anonymous said...

Hey what About this mission? "Valgore's Challange"

Valgore and his minions are on rampage! Find and defeat Flam, Dead Heat and Valgore to stop them from setting the world on fire

The question:
1.How i can find them?
2.How i can get Flam? i think Smok can't Evolve

Please answer and Add my Facebook: Demonoviqh Riezsky

Thanks before

Anonymous said...

How do you complete "New Evolutions!"?

Anonymous said...

hey wait a minute something was missing there's also a mission about defeating the wild blades which is another evolution mogas that you need to defeat.

Anonymous said...

@ espers it's family treasure

look between portalo'ruins and sitnalta field to find sandman tresasure

Anonymous said...

yuki`s evolution team quest is missing

freedom said...

wat about the quest find the wool?

Anonymous said...

Freedom... find the wool is you have to go to spiral cave an talk to the guy then after that you have to catch a woolf...

What do I do for find the tree's?

Anonymous said...

u miss another one: find the wool

Anonymous said...

how do u find the mayor?

Anonymous said...

Anyone done the quest "The Yeti Pack"?

Nebroc said...

Anyone heard of "Deal with the Devil"?

Anonymous said...

find the trees puzzle???? i cant completeeee??? hellppp

Anonymous said...

yup.its ez just go to cydonia castle

steven said...

I got a quest from the gut and he says the bogup and i just began the game

Anonymous said...

I am trying to catch starpops for the quest to catch Black Gold and they are always 1 lever higher than my mogas, and i have level 15's and im going to wyndhym gates!!!

Anonymous said...

Were does jezebelle go when she goes north?

mickat said...

guys can u help me..i dont have any quest yet..but why?can u help me ..? where can i find another quest..thanks guys

mickat said...

guys can u help me..where can i find another quest..thank you

Anonymous said...

Hi everyone! Can u please tell me how to get quests ''Capture Scud'' and ''Investigate the Rainbow''? Thanks a lot! :)

Antonia said...

Wait, I`m looking for "Bait for a devil"... it isn`t here or I`m missing something. Heeelp!

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